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Multi Function Vacuum Generator With Sensors

Multi Function Vacuum Generator With Sensors
Multi function vacuum venturi generators.

These multi function vacuum venturi ejectors are used in high speed or automated vacuum pick and place applications. Consisting of a vacuum generator (ejector / venturi) with optional control valves for vacuum on and off and quick exhaust release, these units are self contained requiring connection to an air supply only.

There are four model variants.
Model Types
  • S Series - Maximum Vacuum of -75kPa
  • X Series - Maximum Vacuum of -94kPa
  • P Series - Low Supply Pressure
  • D Series - Used in dusty or dirty applications not being affected by dust
  • Maximum vacuum of -94kPa
  • Maximum vacuum flow of 44Nl/min / 1.6CFM
  • Noise level of 65dB(A)
  • 24VDC Vacuum control valve and quick release solenoid valves included
  • Optional energy saving feature

Link to Pneuforce Data Sheets
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